Monthly Archives: January 2010

What to do with the iPad if you are CBS

First things first, take all your content and put it on itunes. Break the content down to different levels of granularity, so people can find and purchase a snapshot, a scene, an episode, a season or all the seasons (requires metatagging of video). Allow people to pay for content at each level, differentiating the price […]

What to do with the iPad if you are United Airlines

The possibilities here are endless, and there is the ability to partner with many companies. Provide access to flight information with push notifications, so that customers can get alerts on flight information, changed gate numbers, etc. Allow customers to virtually check in, and provide a layout of the plane so they can see where their […]

What to do with the iPad if you are Macy’s

If i’m Macy’s, the first thing i’m doing, is to create a partnership with credit card companies, banks or whoever is in charge of credit payments, to allow people to make purchases on the IPad. I then create a website, to allow users to set up some form of payment mechanism, so people sign up, […]

What to do with the iPad if you are the Chicago Tribune

As the Chicago Tribune, my first goal, is to port my news to the IPad. I create an app, that is integrated with GPS locators, so I can send location specific data to users. This also opens me up to the possibility of getting local advertisements in my app, and makes sure the ads are […]

What to do with the iPad if you are Vogue

If you are Vogue, after watching the Apple Keynote, you call a meeting to start the creation of a new division, responsible for churning out new unique content for the iPad. This gives consumers, an IPad magazine that consists of video, audio, text and images, all interactive to give the user a slew of choices […]

Individuation and Privacy

With the movement of eyes from analog to digital, and the unpredictability of consumers, a lot of companies are moving towards individuating the customer. That is, tracking the user and collecting their personal information to store, use, and share to provide convenient and pervasive tools and services. From this arises a level of personalized results […]

The iPad… revolutionary but not in the way you think

Half the world, if not all, watched, tweeted, or listened to Apples Keynote 2010, to get a glimpse of the so called game changer. It is safe to say that it was time that could have been better allocated to other activities. Instead of a revolutionary device, what we got was the Apple IPad. The […]