Monthly Archives: June 2014

How to add Custom Campaign parameters to your URL

Say you wrote a killer blog post and shared your link to various social networks. How do you track how many people clicked on the links on the various platforms? Or whether the link was more effective in your page post ads, or your link ads. What if you share the same link on email? […]

Tracking Events in Google Analytics with Universal Analytics(analytics.js)

Lots of webmasters use Google Analytics but not many implement Event Tracking. Event tracking is a powerful tool that allows you to track anything from a simple click on a link on your site, to the time at which a video on your site was paused. What exactly is Event Tracking and why is it […]

How to turn strangers into customers and promoters of your business (inbound marketing)

Turning strangers into customers is not rocket science! Are you a marketer who wants to innovate to grow your business and cut through the clutter and noise? Do you have a list of customers but don’t know how to convert them into paying or repeat customers? Inbound marketing can help you turn strangers into customers and […]

5 YouTube Tips and Tricks you should know

Want to learn how to bypass regional blocks or download YouTube videos? We give you the scoop on how to do just that. Here are some tricks we discovered as we did some great work for some of our clients. 5 YouTube Tips and Tricks you should know 1. Start a video at a specific […]

5 ways to decrease page load times for your website

A lot of companies know how to build gorgeous websites, but very few know how to optimize them to decrease page load times. In an attempt to create a “modern” site with all the bells and whistles, they load the site with CSS and Javascript files and loads of images, resulting in a slow website. […]