What to do with the iPad if you are the Chicago Tribune

As the Chicago Tribune, my first goal, is to port my news to the IPad. I create an app, that is integrated with GPS locators, so I can send location specific data to users. This also opens me up to the possibility of getting local advertisements in my app, and makes sure the ads are not disruptive, but relevant and personalized. My content is no longer limited to just print, but smart. It is provided in a fast, easy to use way for consumers where it has the heading, and a little blurb that gives the important information away. This allows the reader to pick the stories they are interested in to read further. The added value here is that again the technology allows you to give the content in different forms. You can have the story in audio, video, print, pictures, depending on how much time the individual has or how interested they are. Payment can be a one time fee, for the app and access to just the print paper, and a yearly fee, or a monthly 99 cent fee for the multimedia version.


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