The future is mobile


At the 2010 Consumer Electronic Show (CES), 3D TV was all the talk, however one of the hot topics was the smartphone industry. With the introduction of Snapdragon, mobile phones are about to take off, and 2010 will be their year. With this in mind, businesses should thinking about how to exploit this technological revolution.

Unlike the internet, with mobile, there is already a culture of paying for content. We all have weak moments with micropayments, where it is easier to click and forget then to fill in your credit card info, billing address etc. We pay $1.50 for ringtones and 99 cents for songs, because it doesn’t feel like we are spending money. 99 cents seems cheap until you get your monthly statement back and have 50 purhcases for that amount.

With Advertisers worried about measurement and sifting through the noise to reach their audience, mobile becomes another platform for them. It is measurable because you can see how many times someone clicks on your ad. In terms of finding your audience, you partner with mobile applications, that serve your audience/niche and you know what people are using by how popular the app is.
However you must resist the temptation, to just throw all of your content online and dump it, like most newspapers are doing. It is essential to learn your audience and figure out what they want and give it to them. Right now the craze is geotagging and hyperlocale.

Text alerts have the potential to be profitable. Take a look at twitter. Conveying messages in 140 characters or less has taken off. People today get news from social media platforms because they don’t have time to read whole articles. All they want is the facts, if they need more information, they can go and read the articles themselves. Again it is necessary to know your market, and identiy what alerts are of interest to your audience. These alerts, can serve the additional purpose of driving traffic to your site, as well creating a subscription based model for your site. Mobile is no longer a push medium, but now has the ability to pull users in to your products and content. The key to success is the perceived value your users see in their interaction with their mobile platforms. As of right now, that perception is growing at an incredible pace.


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