How to turn strangers into customers and promoters of your business (inbound marketing)

Turning strangers into customers is not rocket science!

Are you a marketer who wants to innovate to grow your business and cut through the clutter and noise? Do you have a list of customers but don’t know how to convert them into paying or repeat customers? Inbound marketing can help you turn strangers into customers and get them to promote your business.

An Introduction to Lead Generation

The old outbound marketing methods of buying ads, cold calling, paying for introductions, billboards, print, radio are highly ineffective. Not only do you need to have large pockets to make an impact, but everyone is using the same tactics and going after the same customers. As consumers we do not like to be bombarded with intrusive marketing. By now we’ve all learned to ignore the numbers, emails and other items from individuals we don’t know and have evolved to be able to drown out the noise. So as a marketer, how do you grow your business and reach create new customers from strangers?

How does inbound marketing work?

It is called Inbound marketing. Inbound marketing instead of going out chasing clients, focuses on generating quality content that brings people to your company and product or services, naturally. By creating content that is relevant to your customer’s interests and needs, you naturally attract inbound traffic to your platforms that you can then convert into customers, and eventually promoters of your business. Think about the sites you bookmark, or articles you save. They are all items that were well written, and provided some benefit or were of some use to you. Once you can provide content to your audience that is useful to them, they will find your content and keep coming back.

What is the benefit to you?

Inbound Lead Generation can turn you from that annoying marketer to the company in the highest demand. Instead of pushing out interruptive messages that can easily be ignored, you will be providing educational and entertaining content that your potential customers are already searching for online making you a valuable resource that they keep coming back to. Essentially by providing value, you will attract strangers to your brand and turn them into customers.




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