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Giant Map of the Entire Social Media Landscape


Vine Videos: 2/3rds of the worlds data will be Video by 2017

Need to sell Vine to a client? Here is an infographic from Digital Buzz Blog to help.

Joomla Error: Could not connect to the database. Connector returned number.

If you are running MAMP, and trying to install or setup Joomla, you will reach a point, where you have to connect to the database. Normal instructions tell you to enter the all the information using root as your username and leaving the password blank. This returns the error “Could not connect to the database. […]

You measure, be…

You measure, because without data, you only have opinions. Analyze because the data you collect can’t help you if you don’t understand it, or use it to shape your decisions or identify new trends. Why measurement is important in the digital space

What exactly is Social Media

Social media is a phrase you hear a lot these days, there is no escaping it. From status updates on Facebook, tweets on Twitter, viral videos on youTube and lately pins on Pinterest, social media is fast changing and takes on many different forms, including social networking sites like Facebook, blogs and microblogs like Twitter […]