What to do with the iPad if you are Macy’s

If i’m Macy’s, the first thing i’m doing, is to create a partnership with credit card companies, banks or whoever is in charge of credit payments, to allow people to make purchases on the IPad. I then create a website, to allow users to set up some form of payment mechanism, so people sign up, put their information in once and each time they sign back in, and want to make a purchase, it is a one click thing (need banks for verification). I also move my entire catalogue onto the IPad. I keep in mind that this might increase costs, but also that the return will be high. I set up an algorithm, that allow users to input their personal information, describing themselves, that is, height, weight, etc. Basically, anything that give you a sense of their body type. With this information, create a virtual mannequin, then allow them to dress it up, or see how your clothes, accessories, would fit on it. Allowing people to make purchases from the IPad, and making the process easy, will increase impulse buys. With the personal profiles, you also have the opportunity to send more suggestions their way. The mannequin means people are more likely to mix and match and buy outfits instead of just a single article of clothing. This should boost your revenue somewhat.


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