What to do with the iPad if you are United Airlines

The possibilities here are endless, and there is the ability to partner with many companies. Provide access to flight information with push notifications, so that customers can get alerts on flight information, changed gate numbers, etc. Allow customers to virtually check in, and provide a layout of the plane so they can see where their seats are, and pick accordingly. Provide a schematic layout of different airports you fly into, as well as where everything is located. Provide a list of stores and what they contain at each airport, where to buy food, drink, bathrooms, pay phones etc. Utilize GPS, to create a list of local hotels, in nearby vicinity, as well as transportation modes and with recommendations as to which to take. Also provide numbers for public transportation (taxi). Give information about destinations, both domestic and international, and partner with news company to provide any breaking news, or important news stories, as well as the local time, transport hubs, the location of banks, basically a layout of where everything is, within a radius of the airport. The IPad also allows you to get creative with on flight entertainment. Provide on flight movies on the IPads so people flying can pick from a library of movies, and watch it at their leisure. Also they have the option of picking audio from a library, and now the ability to have games for kids, all which can be put behind a paywall.


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