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Piracy: If you can’t beat them, join them – (INFOGRAPHIC)

A visual representation of Reggie Addae’s “Piracy: If you can’t beat them, join them” post from 10/15/2012. Enjoy and let us know what you think down in the comments! -Tom Showalter Advertisements

What is Digital Strategy

Julian Cole, digital strategy director at BBH New York on digital strategy and a simple framework for digital strategy thinking and the process to get good ideas out… Very interesting and easy to follow. Check out original post here  

QR Code Beer Bottles Made for Singles

UPDATE: Dating Made Easy: No Pickup Lines Needed here: It’s always great to see something you thought about come to pass. I stumbled on this video, and got excited. Basically my first post was about an app that allowed you to introduce/pickup/talk to people of the opposite sex from across the room. (See below) “You walk into […]

Piracy: If you can’t beat them, Join them

This post evolved from a conversation i had with Steve Masiclat, brilliant mind, and New Media Management program director at Syracuse University.   Piracy is a big issue in the media industry, especially the movie industry. Research conducted by the MPAA funded LEK study shows that the movie industry worldwide lost $1.3 billion dollars in […]

What do TV series Lost, and Waiters have in common? The Zeigarnik effect

Named after Bluma Zeigarnik – a Russian psychologist – as she was observing waiters, the principle states that we remember better that which is unfinished or incomplete.  The waiters she observed seem to only remember the orders that were not complete and completely forgot those that had been completed. This effect can also be seen with […]

Figuring out what kind of content works on Facebook

Steve Buttry’s (@SteveButtry), the digital transformation editor at Digital First Media, slideshare on Facebook engagement. Pretty interesting stuff. Check out the full post on what kind of content works on Facebook in this article from Cnet by Sree Sreenivasan:


Steven Johnson’s take on where good ideas come from. There is a full TED talk on this. It’s pretty good. Would be interesting to see how this applies to advertising agencies, who have to churn out ideas at a faster pace.