QR Code Beer Bottles Made for Singles

UPDATE: Dating Made Easy: No Pickup Lines Needed here:

It’s always great to see something you thought about come to pass. I stumbled on this video, and got excited. Basically my first post was about an app that allowed you to introduce/pickup/talk to people of the opposite sex from across the room. (See below)

“You walk into a bar and see a girl across the room. You make eye contact and smile but she’s surrounded by mean looking guys. You open the app and she has it open too, so after recognizing all the other people using this app (cus its popular) you see her icon, perhaps a picture or maybe you can let users customize their tags (privacy issues), so she would change her tag to ‘girl surrounded by mean guys, smiling at you’. So you click on her and it opens up a form of communication, maybe an im service, twitter, whatever the craze is at the time, and you guys can have a chat across the room. The rest is up to you.”

Now this execution is different. I stumbled upon it on the Digital Buzz Blog. It uses beer bottles, and a QR code, to help you send messages across the room. Basically customers buy a beer, scan the QR code to get the app and then connect with the person they’ve sent the beer to, where a conversation thread unfolds between the two. Pretty sweet. Video Below:


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