Why didn’t i think of that one?

I was over at my cousins house, and i get alerts on my iPhone whenever Manchester United (Best soccer (football) team in the world) is playing. So i get an alert that United is playing and since i was near a TV i decided to watch the game. Sounds easy enough right.

Well i spent the next 30 minutes flipping through the cable channels looking for the fox soccer network, missing the majority of the first half. Now this is not the first time this has happened to me, and i’m sure others have had shows they wanted to watch away from home, but could not find the right channel to watch it. So it got me thinking. Why not have a device that you can connect or sync with a cable box that returns what number corresponds to what channel. Simple enough, may not have a large market, but its a convenient tool that could make a good christmas/birthday present.


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