The Advertising Network: How to reach consumers when they are receptive to Ads

The current advertising model is shite (in my opinion) and advertisers spend most of their time, trying to figure out new ways of reaching their customers. I’m going to throw my 2 cents into the mix… just because i can. It seems like the growing trend these days is individuation of the customer and selling that data to advertisers. 

Advertisers get a profile of a consumer and are then able to send that consumer targeted ads, specific to what the data in the file says. So person A likes to visit sports site. To get even more granular, person A likes to visit NFL websites and follow NFL news, specifically the New York Giants. Advertisers then spend their resources targeting that individual. 

Now i have no qualms with individuation, and i’d rather get Ads about things that i AM interested in, however, i have a problem with the way these Ads are delivered. Advertisers still serve me ads when i am not receptive to them. I am forced to watch advertisements before i can watch videos on YouTube or Hulu. I have to take extra seconds out of my day(I know i’m being dramatic… bear with me) to close out of pop up ads, before i can browse the website i’m interested in. I have to scan through search results to filter out the Ads from the actual links information in my search results. Ads to me are the red headed step child of the Internet and i have grown to despise them. 

So the two main issues with ads are A) their perception/reputation in the public eye and B) their delivery.

My solution attempts to address this. My proposal is a Google for Ads. To be more specific, a search engine that returns advertisements in its search results.

People respond better to visual stimulation, and the current model Google uses is great… when you are trying to be non-intrusive, however seeing as this network is one that serves just Ads, there is no need to try and mask the Ads as search results. All search results are ads, and this means consumers don’t have to waste time figuring out if a link is an Ad or not and also allows Ads to be rich both visually and in content. 

Now i propose a search engine, because this means that anyone who typed in the URL for the webpage, typed in a query and pressed enter,  is primed and READY to receive Ads. Of course there are probably other methods of doing this, but this was the simplest one i thought of. Now you have the users attention, the Ads will no longer be a nuisance, and people will click on the ones that interest them. It should be noted that these clicks will allow for more accurate metrics, because it is safe to assume that the user clicked on an Ad, not because they could not decipher the difference between a link and an Ad in the search results, but because they wanted to!

The search engine also allows for the customization of results for the user, giving them the specific Ads that they would want, based on their search terms. You can use individuation to customize them even further, so location, age, demo etc. 

So how would this work?

Well i go to a webpage, say the (it doesn’t exist) and im greeted by a blank page with a search box, a drop menu and a search button (yea yea i know its basically Google’s home page with a menu). I type in my search, “netbooks under $300” and specify whether its a product or service. If i’m not sure i leave it blank. 

The query searches the database and return the Ads that are relevant. In my results i get ads from lets say Lenovo, HP, Dell and some other places. Well how is this different from a normal search engine. Well the Ads i have are interactive, so instead of wasting my time browsing and clicking on different ads, being taken to different pages and clicking through to find what i want, i just expand the rich ad, in the search result page and it has the information i need there. So Lenovo has a list of its netbooks under $300 with short videos to go with them, Dell has the specs for its laptops under 300, HP shows its best laptop under 300 with the best specs and allows you to take an interactive tour. I like the HP one, but i scan the rest of the Ads first to see if there are any better deals. This time there aren’t, so i click on the HP ad and go to the HP site. This is a basic example but i’m sure you can start to think of other ways this can be used.

Advertisers are no longer limited by what their Ads can do, and it will spur creativity as they try and outdo each other with the best Ads to capture the consumers attention and make them click, and the best thing about it, is that it wont be wasted, because “I” the user am responsive to the Ads.

My 2 cents, would love to hear what you guys think.


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