Digital Chaos: Site traffic should be measured and monitored

Site traffic should be measured and monitored


Advertisers like the web because they like the ability to measure the effectiveness of their advertisements. When you look at the Source code however, NHOUSE does not track or measure its performance. This means that they don’t know how many people look at the website, what pages people look at, what draws people to the websites, how they get to the site and other valuable information that will help with decision making.

A Closer Look

Your main objectives in measuring a Web sites effectiveness is:

–     To help track your advertising ROI,

–     To measure the extent to which you are meeting your initial objectives.

–     To measure the impact of changes to your website, and how changes in business function improve or worsen problems.

NHOUSE should implement Google analytics to track website traffic to allow them to fully realize and understand user behavior on the site, to be able to maximize the value of their content.

–      Will have to look at objectives and figure out what you should measure

–      Will allow NHOUSE to determine what its viewers are doing on the site.

        –     More data about your viewers actions on your site leads to better decisions

–      Will also allow NHOUSE to determine how best to optimize site

       –      Which are most popular pages

       –      What are visitors looking for

       –      How did they get there?

       –      What site content are people most interested in?

Using Google analytics will allow you to measure:

–      Web Traffic: This is the number of visitors to your site and what they do on your site.

–      Traffic Sources : This shows the different sources of visitors to your site. Where they came from, how they got to your site, etc.

–      Value of Content: This helps you determine the value of individual pages on your website to see where to charge more for advertising or which content users find the most useful/valuable. 


Embedding Google Analytics in the html code for NHOUSE will allow it to find out more information about its visitors.  By tracking visitor’s behavior you can examine their behavior on NHOUSE, which will allow you to optimize the site to make it more valuable to your target audience. This way you are looking at what your visitors spend most of their time and improving those aspects of NHOUSE. Do they spend more time looking at the videos in the comedy section, or do they look at music videos? If they look at music videos then maybe we should focus on making it easier for them to access that content. As you add more value for your audience it will increase web traffic to your site. Another way of increasing web traffic is through search engine optimization. 


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