Dating made easy: No pickup lines needed here


This one is an idea for an app. I call it across the room. Everyone i’ve explained it to has given me the “you’re weird” look but i think its great.

I got this one while at 1849, with Tom Showalter (Impulse CEO). They have a monday special where you can get 20 cent wings, which means you can get 20 wings for $4… nice right. So anyway while waiting for Tom to arrive, there was an asian girl across the room, and we kept making eye contact, and smiling at each other. Now in normal situations you would just go up and talk to the girl, but this particular one was sitting with her boyfriend (i assume) and 3 other guys, who engrossed in their own conversation, were ignoring her (cardinal sin number 1). 

I digress, this post is not about my exploits. You know when you are out, and see someone of the opposite sex you are interested in, but for some reason, maybe you are with your boys and its no girls night (not likely but humour me), or you are shy and the girl is in a group, but you guys keep making eye contact like there could be a future… Why not have an app that allows you two to connect discreetly from across the room and communicate, without having to move.

This is usually where i get the “you’re weird” look and the response “if you want to talk to someone just get up and talk to them.” If you are thinking this, this app is probably not for you! Anyway back to the app. You walk into a bar and see a girl across the room. You make eye contact and smile but she’s surrounded by mean looking guys. You open the app and she has it open too, so after recognizing all the other people using this app (cus its popular) you see her icon, perhaps a picture or maybe you can let users customize their tags (privacy issues), so she would change her tag to ‘girl surrounded by mean guys, smiling at you’. So you click on her and it opens up a form of communication, maybe an im service, twitter, whatever the craze is at the time, and you guys can have a chat across the room. The rest is up to you.

I’d use something like that. 


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