Biz Dev – Learning Web Communities

Now this one i might actually do. I just have to modify it for African society, and figure out a work around for the lack of internet access.


The idea is to create a virtual hub for people who want to learn new things.

The number one reason people lose interest in, or get deterred from their goal of learning something new, is the lack of a support/peer group. There are support groups scattered all over the web, however to find them, go through the sign up process and shift through to find the right one for you is a tedious process and one few will tolerate.

This hub acts as a users web based community providing a learning environment, with other users who share in their goals for competition, and group learning, users who have been where they are before for guidance and encouragement, and a single location for all information, tutorials, questions and answers on the topic of choice.


My idea is to create a virtual hub for people who want to learn new things.

We are a species that is always learning, whether it is for a job, for pleasure, to impress someone or discovering a new hobby. Like New Year resolutions however, these new attempts at picking up new things usually fall short.

The main reason most of us fail at our attempts is that we are undertaking these new ventures alone, and we don’t have a community support group to push us through.  Most teachers recommend to beginners to look for communities that have to do with or deal with what they are learning, but they don’t tell you where to find these communities, the protocols, how to interact with the users within, what questions to ask, what areas are for beginners etc. These are things a ‘Noob’ should know .

This hub allows people to create web communities to provide them the support they need to persevere through and accomplish their current goal. Not only will these communities provide support, but they also provide a place where:

1. Ideas can be generated, shared, tried out, responded to by others.

2. Users can practice what they’ve learnt by teaching and explaining to others

3. Users can solve problems together, two heads are better than one no?

4. Users have a resource for reaching other users when they want to build or do something.

5. Whatever else you want to do in your community. The beauty of it is you make the rules.

We already crowd source news(Twitter, Facebook)  and information(Wikipedia), why not crowds source learning?

Functionalities will include:


message board,

lessons both written and video

interactive space for working on projects, sharing pictures,  eventually real time.

Basically the more you participate in a group the better the learning experience it is for you.


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