What to do with the iPad if you are

Here is a quick rundown of a couple:

The Wall Street Journal

This is one is a bit tricky. You already have a working pay model. I would transfer the model to the IPad, but also add other benefits. I would offer a free app like they are doing now, and you would have to have a subscription. Utilize push notifications to notify users of alerts and breaking stories and with news, add multimedia video, and commentary on articles. This could work like this. Take an article, click on the article, and you have the opportunity to read the article, watch the video, or hear audio, each adding extra features of their own. The best altrernative would be to have a widget that scrolls a ticker etc, or a home screen in the background that shows your apps, but alas the IPad does not allow this.

Pearson Educational Publishing

Create multimedia textbooks. These books, have audio, video, powerpoints, etc, to explain key points further. The videos can show demonstrations of how to do… etc. Break up the textbooks and cases, allowing people to buy whole books or just individual chapters. The IPad creates new opportunities for online classes and schools to be a better experience. Professors can record lessons and upload them for students to watch, tests can be taken on the IPad etc.

The Newhouse School

The IPad can be used in class, to demonstrate how to teach multimedia storytelling. Use it to push out alerts to students, faculty, to get results from surveys or polls, to host video or to broadcast conferences or speakers, where people can watch the conference and type in questions making everyone connected. Professors can use it to send students assignments via push notifications. Students can use it to see their powerpoints, for demonstrations, for alerts on campus events or whats going on. It can provide a map of campus or even Syracuse, and students can give virtual tours. House calender, academic information, host portfolio of students be it advertising, video, audio.


For Facebook, they can update their current app. This gives access to profiles, GPS system, where users can see which of their friends are in their area and where. Also, Facebook can allow people to record video messages and send them to friends. The only problem is there is no camera to do this. It also has to be done on youtube, since the IPad does not play flash movies. This creates the opportunity to partner wih youtube, which allows people, to take videos from their cell phone, webcam, or device, and upload to youtube, then access it from the app. Another area Facebook can exploit is the media capabilities, especially, the sharing of photos. Allow more photo management, access to photos and ability to manage them online.


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